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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Exchanges

  1. Once the purchase process is complete, tickets may only be exchanged if you contact us more than 24 hours before your booking by email or telephone.
  2. Refunds will not be issued unless a session is formally cancelled because of something we have control over. For anthing outside of our control we will offer an exchange or gift vouchers (such as changes in Covid rules).

Ticket Discounts

  1. Discounts and concessions must be applied at the time of booking and cannot be applied retrospectively. Please ensure any offer is applied at the time of booking.
  2. GTKA reserves the right to introduce special offers at any time. Discounts and concessions may vary periodically.

Get To Know Animals Admission

  1. Carers must show valid proof of disability, otherwise they will have to pay the full adult price. 
  2. GTKA reserves the right to refuse admission to ticket holders if, in the reasonable opinion of the venue management, admission of the holder to the venue might be a threat to the safety of the staff or our animals, as such as the ticket holder appears to be under the influence of drink and/or drugs and/or is acting aggressively.
  3. GTKA reserves the right to request that a ticket holder leaves the premises if the ticket holder is acting in a way that in the reasonable opinion of the venue management causes the safety of the animals, the staff or the handler to be compromised.
  4. GTKA reserves the right to make changes to the animals available owing to any unforeseen or unavoidable cause whereupon customers will be offered a refund if the change is such as to completely alter the nature of the experience.
  5. GTKA reserves the right to cancel or abandon the session for reasons beyond its control whereupon notification will be given to the customer at the earliest opportunity together with an offer of a refund or tickets for another session or gift vouchers.

Animal Handling

At Get To Know Animals we offer a range of animal handling experiences.

We know our animals well and will never knowingly let anyone - customers or staff - interact with any animal that is displaying signs of distress or ill health.

Whilst we take every care to ensure our animals are kept in the best health possible, there is a low risk that a zoonotic disease can be transmitted from them.

We take every caution possible to avoid this and it is therefore a mandatory requirement to wash/sanitise your hands both before and after any animal encounters. This is to ensure your safety and also the safety of our beloved animals.

All of the animals available for handling experiences are tame and are used to being handled. They are, however, living breathing creatures and at times can be unpredictable, which could result in scratches, bites or other related injuries.

I confirm that I have fully read and understand the above and that by agreeing to participate in animal handling experiences I do so entirely at my own risk and that Get To Know Animals Ltd take no responsibility for any harm caused.