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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

As Seen On TV

Mimi and Co - Series 1:9. Date With A Difference - February 2021

Mimi’s boyfriend, James, decides to take her on a date. She prepares for what she thinks is a romantic picnic and enlists help from CBBC’s Nikki Lilly to help bake some cupcakes for dessert. However, the date doesn’t quite go as planned as James surprises Mimi with a visit to a petting zoo. Mimi is encouraged to hold a reptile that she’s most terrified of – a snake!  She manages to get James back by finding a Mexican red-knee tarantula for him to hold, but his reaction is a bit more dramatic than she anticipates. We also meet Amira and her sisters, who cook a romantic dinner for their parents - the pressure is on for them to get their nan’s favourite Jamaican dish just right!. Click here to view on BBC Iplayer.

The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System BBC One - January 2021

As part of programme looking at boosting your immune system, Dr Ronx visits Get To Know Animals to see how fear can impact your immune system. Click here to visit the BBC.

ITV News
ITV - December 2019

ITV News took a look at how we converted an old betting shop into our mini zoo. Click here to view the original article.