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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

Animal Handling Consent Form

At Get To Know Animals we offer a range of animal handling experiences.

We know our animals well and will never knowingly let anyone - customers or staff - interact with any animal that is displaying signs of distress or ill health.

Whilst we take every care to ensure our animals are kept in the best health possible, there is a low risk that a zoonotic disease can be transmitted from them.

We take every caution possible to avoid this and it is therefore a mandatory requirement to wash/sanitise your hands both before and after any animal encounters. This is to ensure your safety and also the safety of our beloved animals.

All of the animals available for handling experiences are tame and are used to being handled. They are, however, living breathing creatures and at times can be unpredictable, which could result in scratches, bites or other related injuries.

We would suggest that if any of the following apply to you then you do not take part in any handling experiences:

• Pregnant
• Low/suppressed immune system
• Exhibiting cold/flu symptoms

Our Zoonotic disease and H&S policies with regard to animal handling can be provided upon request. Anyone exhibiting respiratory signs or cold sores will not be able to participate in experiences with our monkeys.