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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

Animal Handling Experiences

We have a range of fantastic animal handling experiences where you can get to touch, hold and get up close to our fantastic animals. All animal handling experiences can be booked on the day of your visit at reception or through a ranger, and will be dependent on the mood / health of each individual animal. Animal handling experiences will be for a maximum of 20 minutes, or when the animal itself calls time!

*** All handling experiences can only be booked on the day ***

Animal Handling Experiences

Please note that all prices are per person

Single Furry: £5
Single Reptile: £5
Single Insect: £3.50
Small Snake: £8.50
Large Snake: £10
Tarantula: £15
Aviary Experience: £10

Furry Package: £25
Play With The Ferrets: £25
Reptile Package: £40

Snake Package: £25
Iguana Experience: £10
Insect / Amphib Package: £15
Ultimate Animal Handler*: £100
Feed The Tamarins: £40

*Ultimate Animal Handler

The Ultimate Animal Handler includes a personal tour of the zoo by one of our rangers and handling of 6 animals of your choice (excluding monkeys) and the Aviary Exoerience. Groups can participate in the tour but handling is only for 2 people.