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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

Animal Birthday Parties


Looking for something a bit different to your usual children's birthday party? Get To Know Animals Party Cave ! Loved by all ages - from toddlers, all the way up to adults - our Rangers will show a wide selection of amazing creatures to make your party special. From parrots and rabbits, to snakes, spiders, and lizards, our Rangers will give your party guests a full hour of education, entertainment and hands on action!

Got any questions?

Have a look through the FAQ below to see if your question is answered. If you have any further questions, please either email us at bookings@gtka.co.uk or call us on 020 8923 2456.

There is no minimum number, our smallest gathering was for only 2 people! We can cater for a maximum of 25, however, please note, that the more kids there are, the less time they will each get to spend with the animals as we like to ensure that everyone gets to hold all the animals and bigger groups take longer to get around. We find that 8-15 is a perfect number of kids!
The easy answer is ALL AGES!! There really is no age limit when it comes to being an animal lover! Our animal experiences are tailored to suit Kids and adults of all ages, in fact, our youngest animal enthusiast was just a few months old and our oldest so far was in their 90’s! Of course very young children tend to have much shorter attention spans, so parties for little tiddlers may be slightly shorter depending on how long they want to sit for. Please note, we do ask for parent/ guardians to ensure kids are on best behaviour, as we already have our hands full with all our amazing creatures!
Yes, we do! we have public liability insurance for up to £5m and employers liability insurance. Documents can be provided upon request.
We will show a large selection of all sorts of animals, including birds, cute fluffies, reptiles, insects, exotics, amphibians and more! You can certainly let us know your favourite animals when booking, but we cannot guarantee the attendance of any animal as it really does depend on the animal’s mood/ health on the day! Sometimes they just don’t want to come out to play and as their welfare is our absolute top priority, we never force them to do anything they don’t want to or that may be detrimental to their health. Many people have phobias and request that we do not show certain animals , however we would urge you to trust us on this one! We work very often with people that suffer animal phobias and we find with a gentle approach, in a safe and controlled environment, with our expert guidance, we can help to alleviate any fears you may have! We also like to encourage people not to pass their own fears on to other members of the party, especially children who are not born with fears, they are developed! SO come on, get your biggest bravest boots on and let us show you that there really is NOTHING to be scared of!
To confirm your booking, we require the full balance upfront. This can be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card either online or over the phone. Bookings are non-refundable, however, we are more than happy to change the date or issue a credit note if you need to postpone for any reason.
We have a limited number of parking spaces on-site.
Our animals are extremely well socialised with people and other animals and are used to be handled frequently on a daily basis. Of course any creature CAN bite if it feels endangered or threatened, just as we would try to defend ourselves in the same situation, however, as long as we treat them kindly and with respect and follow our guidelines, there should not be any chance of this as all of our animals are incredibly docile and extremely loving and friendly! Please note, the management accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused by our animals. Please only handle at your own risk.
This is a 99% yes answer! Making sure that we are the most hands on, interactive animal experience around is our main focus! We aim to make sure that every single person gets to at least stroke or touch every single animal! In most instances we even try and do at least one guest feeding experience with at least one of our animals…although this depends on if the animal is hungry at the time! Of course on occasion, if one of the animals decides that they are suddenly not in the mood to be petted, we must respect this and then we will just show them only.
We offer a 1 or 2-hour package. The 1-hour party is a 1-hour animal show in our Party Cave, with animal handling for the hour. The 2-hour package is the same, however, the first hour can be used how you wish - there are food options, you can play party games, have an entertainer - the choice is yours!
Yes! With our 2 hour parties, you can supply your own food for your party for a cost of £50. Please note that all food must be finished before the 2nd hour of the party when the animals come out, otherwise your animal time may be reduced.
Yes, we can supply animal-themed party bags for £7.50 per person. These can be added when you book your party.
Yes, there must be a sufficient number of adults to supervise the children - our Rangers will be busy looking after the animals and the food.
Yes, we have our on-site cafe Peck'n'Perch where you can purchase a range of refreshments and sit and relax!