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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London






We are over the moon with excitement to announce the brand new Covid-ready "Izoolation" package!
(Approval recieved from several medical professionals)
Come and self #IZOOLATE at our jaw dropping, indoor mini zoo! 
We’ve created a stunning environment for our animals that truly has the WOW factor...and now you and your "social bubble" can come and experience the animal magic in safety and total privacy with our with our brand new,
#IZOOLATION package.
For just £25pp*, you will have the entire mini zoo completely to yourselves**...and if this wasn't enough, you will also be able to experience; up close and personal - like never before - UNLIMITED animal handling***!!!!
Come and spend a whole hour of quality chill out time in our stunning tropical haven, surrounded by around 400 rincredible creatures  (spanning over 50 different species) including cute furries, reptiles, birds, aquatics, insects, amphibians, exotics and more!!
**All of our beloved creatures are either rescued or rehomed and spoilt absolutely rotten!**
**Booking in advance required**
*Minimum spend £100
**Maximum of 15 people per booking
***Dependant on animals health and mood!
As well as seeing our animals in their natural environments (well as close to the real thing as possible!), we have created a place of wonder for little people and grown ups too, even down to our famous bird’s nest loo!
At Get To Know Animals our absolute top priority is the welfare and happiness of our beloved animals, so we aimed to create the best possible, naturalistic environment for them, which looked so great we then thought, “Hey, why don’t we recreate a therapeutic, calming nature inspired atmosphere for people to enjoy, too?” And so the mini zoo was born!
The first reaction we’ve had from nearly everybody who walks through our door is “Wow!” This really is like something you’ve never seen before - and they are right, in fact it never has been done before anywhere in the world!
To be clear – we are NOT a pet shop, and our animals are NOT for sale. In fact, 99% of our animals are rescues or rehomed themselves. We have a specialist team with bags of experience looking after our critters, who are definitely living their best lives! 
With over 300 animals and 50 species (and counting!) we have everybody’s favourite, whether you’re a lover of:
  • Cute furry things (chinchillas, giant and dwarf rabbits, guinea pics, sugar gliders, skunks and lots more…), 
  • A fan of our feathered friends, birds and parrots (and you HAVE to meet our Nigel, the world’s cheekiest cockatoo!), 
  • Or maybe scales are your thing? We have a wide variety of reptiles, from lizards of all sizes (chameleons, geckos, to tegus and iguana’s to snakes of all sizes, from babies right up to a giant Burmese python!
  • We have insects, amphibians and creepy Crawlies galore, including tarantulas for the really brave!
  • We even have a micro pig and not forgetting our jellyfish, in a stunning, colour changing, soothing aquatic cave and a don’t forget the fish and turtles in our beautiful cascading waterfall pond!
  • All this and many, many more are all here under one roof, for you to get to know and marvel at the awe of our stunning creatures, great and small!
If a particular animal grabs your fancy and you want to get up close and personal, we can offer our exclusive handling experience! Most of our beasties are tame and have starred at our famous mobile zoo experiences, where they are loved and handled by children and adults alike. You will see first hand how much they genuinely love and enjoy cuddles with us as much as we do them! 
When you visit the mini zoo you will be able to sit with the animals, and enjoy being surrounded by all sorts of animals right by your feet or even above your head!! Some people just want to enjoy the ambience and viewing pleasure and some love to spend their time with us, enjoying cuddles and feeding!
As well as a visit being great fun, it’s also educational. So gather up your children, or bring your grown ups  - we will be delighted to see you!
We are based 6 Kings Road, Chingford E4 7EY.
We will be running lots of community events (including story times for the kids, photography and painting evenings), so keep your eyes open for further info! 
If you are a teacher and wish to bring a school group, we have special school packages to accommodate you and make sure your classes get the absolute most out of the experience, so please call us in advance to book!
 For opening times and prices (including animal handling packages), please click here 
We truly hope you enjoy coming to see us as much as we love being here and the whole GTKA family can’t wait to meet you soon!
For more info and the answers to all your questions, please visit our FAQ page 


Make your party truly wild and unforgettable

What better way to create a unique, exciting and educational surprise for any party, than hiring a fully interactive mini mobile Zoo?!  

hidden behind our mystery animal screen lurks an array of exotic and unusual creatures, ready to be brought out one by one to amaze and meet the group! 


Educational presentations for schools

One of the most important subjects on the planet, that is not necessarily covered by the national curriculum is of course our animals and the importance of their place on our planet and their habitats. In this world of computers and social media, why not bring the kids back to basics and teach them about the enchanting and vital wildlife that we are so lucky to have?

Getting to know animals, is NOT just for kids!!

Adults love animals just as much (if not more!) than the kids, so why miss out on the fun too?! 

the Get To Know Animals experience is perfect for  older kids or "big kids" parties too, we can do a full presentation or our rangers can mingle round the party introducing a selection of animals to guests...