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Get To Know Animals - Indoor Petting Zoo In Chingform London

Educational presentations for schools and groups

One of the most important subjects on the planet, that is not necessarily covered by the national curriculum is, of course, our animals and the importance of their place on our planet and their habitats. In this world of computers and social media, why not bring the kids back to basics and teach them about the enchanting and vital wildlife that we are so lucky to have?

Our rangers will give each participant the opportunity to interact with and handle the animals and explain all there is to know about them and their habitats.

There will also be a questions and answers sections and where requested or time permitting a workshop/ quiz to follow

Our educational presentations are also perfect for different extracurricular groups, where we can tailor the experience to suit the subject of the sessions particular topic. Children can earn certain badges/ experience points etc to add some fun!

Nurseries also love the animal experience, however as little people usually have even smaller attention spans, this will be tailored to be a more hands-on/ sensory experience!